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Amadeus MEWzart Amadeus MEWzart
I'm Amadeus MEWzart, but I respond well to Mootsie. I'm a handsome, naughty little dark prince that craves the attention of humans. I am outgoing and adventurous with adult people. I will get into EVERYTHING that my little eyes can spy.  I love more about Amadeus MEWzart
Sage 4 Sage 4
Sage is looking for her special someone to snuggle with. She raised three lovely Siamese X babies and has that Siamese talkativeness herself, along with sleek tabby tiger stripes (and a bit of a belly, because Sage likes her snacks - who can blame more about Sage 4
Toodles Toodles
Toodles the Tabby is too, too cute. He is a handsome grey and white striped punkin with white mitted paws. Toodles is a bundle of energy but likes to settle down for an afternoon nap.  He's very playful and loves all the toys, especially more about Toodles
Charlie Waffles Charlie Waffles
Hi, My name is Charlie Waffles?  Think that's a funny name, well it fits me big-time!  You see I just MAY be a LaPerm kitty.  I have sort of extra fluffy fur, but it's not real long and it tends to be curly (sort of frizzy) more about Charlie Waffles