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My name is Charlie Waffles?  Think that's a funny name, well it fits me big-time!  You see I just MAY be a LaPerm kitty.  I have sort of extra fluffy fur, but it's not real long and it tends to be curly (sort of frizzy).  I have sort of short legs and a really cute baby face and I just sweep away hearts!

I was a stray (?) in Houston and I thought I was a gonner 'cause I got picked up and put in jail! BUT a wonderful lady picked me up and cleaned me up and kept me and fed me good food so I gained a little weight and got happy!

I was just ready to come to Austin and got really sick for a while.  I'm a fighter and I had excellent vet care so, here I am happy, healthy and ready to go!  Well, almost.  You see all that and I was only TWO months old when I was sent to jail.  I'm a little older now (you can see how old I am right now by looking at the age below) but it's been a LOT for a little guy like me to deal with so I'm just a little bit "extra cautious" and if there is a loud noise or someone I don't know, I run under the bed.  I'm not a skittery kitty 'tho and I'm pretty easy to get out from under the bed and I love, love, love to be petted and kissed on.  When my Austin foster Mom is laying on the bed reading I jump up and pounce on her and ask for pets and hugs and I purr real loud for her.

I am getting more confident all the time and I'm doing great with a few kitty friends that are in the room with me.  I still sleep in my bed in my crate and have my own food in there, but I'm very, very good about the potty box and staying out of (most) miscchief. Oh and did I mention I do not like to sit still for pictures? 

I would love a home of my very own, but not with small children or bossy kitties that don't like to share.  If you'd like me for a BFF just let my foster Mom know and put in an application real fast because I think I might be popular <G>.

UPDATE:  Charlie Waffles doesn't show well.  He is nervous around strangers and hates loud noises and fast movement.  I do believe he will grow out of this because he lets me approach him and he sleeps with me and snuggles and loves to be loved on.  If you're willing to allow Charlie the time to get used to his new peeps and surroundings he'll be an awsome companion!

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