Animal Success Stories
We're always happy when our beloved foster cats find their new forever homes, but we're even happier when we hear from our adopters! Here are some of their stories about their new family members:

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Link III

I got my first kitten when I was an eleven year old girl and lost him when he was twenty one and I was all grown up in my thirties. It was a really rough transition for me and my husband to come home to an empty house without a Lynx Point waiting for us. ASR helped us pick our new kittens and turned our world back into a happy one. Stephanie and Sharon could not have been more accurate with their descriptions of our three boys and making sure they all got along before we adopted. I was the biggest wreck after losing Mr. Kitty but Sharon and Stephanie helped make my heart grow bigger and now we have a crazy house filled with joy once again. Thank you for Link, our troublemaker, and the sweet twins Maverick and Merlin (formerly Paul and Pooh). They love to cuddle, chase each other down the stairs, and talk to us. Cheers to another 20+ years with the best breed ever! Thanks ASR! Nick and Deanna Beesley


We are so happy with our newest family member, Albert. He is such a sweet cat and loves to cuddle on the bed with us. He enjoys chasing his ball and laying in the sunshine outside on our porch. Albert and Layla (his kitty big sister) are getting along great and both enjoy lounging on the couch watching football together. We couldn't ask for a more perfect cat for us. Thank you for everything Stephanie and ASR! -Chelsea and Charlie-

Lucy Lynx

Life really could not be better for me! I am no longer Lucy Lynx, but now "Bella Dolce"! It fits, doesn't it? Jennifer and her family are wonderful. They call me "velcro" because I am attached at the hip to Jennifer.


We couldn’t be happier with Link! With Link added to our family, our other cat now has a much-needed playmate and we have a hilarious companion who entertains us with his antics. He “helps” me when I’m working at my desk – that is, when he and our other cat aren’t engaged in a game of chase, hide-and-seek, or a wrestling match. Thank you, ASR! And thank you, Stephanie for being such a good “first mom”. - LeeAnn, John, Pudge & Wrigley Vosel

Willie (nka Ozie)

Thank you ASR! We love Willie (now called Ozie)! He has it made in his new home.

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