12/30/2012-Lynx Point Siamese Adult Male-Manor, TX

 A lynx point male has been coming to my house for over a month and eating on my porch late at night.  I thought he belonged to someone but he was acting like a stray.  Very scared all the time.  I have observed another stray/feral male chasing him frequently. 

Christmas eve he came to the porch before dark and meowed at me so I gave him some can food.  He was skinny and cold and very nervous.  He constantly looked around to see if the other cat was coming.  I took some pictures and posted an ad on Craigslist hoping to find an owner.  I also notified the city shelter, 3-1-1, ASR, Pet harbor, and talked to the neighbors.  

The next day was Christmas, he returned even earlier in the day asking for food.  I knew the weather was turning bad so I let him in then put him in the garage.  He has a bed, litter box, dry food and water, toys and I give him can food two or three times a day.  He was very hungry. 

The next day  Dec. 26, I opened the garage thinking he might find his way home if he had one and he would not leave.  I took him to the Manor vet Dec. 27 to check for a chip, he doesn't have one.

He is affectionate but spirited.  He is more relaxed in the garage, he doesn't spray, he uses the box and is very well behaved.  He needs more attention than I can give him and last night he started to cry and meow.  I waited until he quieted down then checked on him.  He doesn't like being alone.  He is smart and listens when I give him commands.  

If this is your cat, please contact Dee at 
maxportia-dmreply@yahoo.com .