Adoption Policies

Thank you for your interest in Austin Siamese Rescue. Please know that our volunteers are working as quickly as they can to process your application. We screen every adopter to ensure we place each of our kitties in the best homes possible. Every adoption is contingent upon approval by our screeners and our fosters. On occasion, a cat or kitten will receive more than one application. In these instances, it is up to the discretion of the foster, who knows the kitty best, to decide which home would be best for any given cat. In addition:   
  • Adopters must keep all cats indoors unless on a leash and harness accompanied by a family member.
  • Existing cats within the home must test negative for Feline Leukemia.
  • Existing animals must be up to date on vaccines and parasite free, unless there is a medical reason for the animals to not receive vaccines.
  • Existing animals in the home must be spayed or neutered unless part of a licensed breeding program.
  • No de-clawing is permitted; you may adopt a cat that comes into the program already de-clawed. 
  • No cats or kittens given as gifts, however, gift certificates towards an adoption are available. 
  • Applications are good for one year from date of approval, after that time a new interview and vet reference check will be required.  
  • If you have moved, a new application page 1 is required when applying for another cats or kitten. If you changed vets, a new vet reference is required.
  • Households with more than 7 animals may require a home visit. 
  • Positive reporting is required; quarterly the first year, semi-annual second year, and annually for 3 more years. You may report the health and status of your kitty via digital photograph and email.
  • You must have a plan for your animals in case you predecease them. If not, we require a letter with your important papers authorizing their return to us. We have a form letter for your convenience. 
  • If you are over 55, we require a devise in your will or proof of your plan for your animals' future should you predecease them.
  • If your adoption does not work out to your expectations or the cat/kitten's best interest, we will take the kitty back. In some circumstances we may offer an exchange kitty. We make no donation returns.  

Kitten Policies

  • Kittens are cats that are less than 12 months of age. If the kitten's age is in question, a vet will be consulted to estimate the age of the subject kitten. 
  • Kittens MAY go to a home with children 5 years of age or older or to a home with an infant child (infants are defined as a child under 9 months of age). 
  • An older kitten (one that is 9 months or older) MAY be placed in a home with toddlers (toddlers are defined as children ages 9 months to 5 years of age.). We are better able to determine more about a kitten's personality when it is older, which helps us to make a better match for your family. Older kittens (9 months or older) are still very young and playful and likely will meet your family's desire for a kitten addition to your home, and an older kitten or cat will be better able to tolerate a certain amount of handling from younger children who are not yet capable of determining the fragility of a young kitten.  
  • Kittens need playmates and if left alone all day without a companion cat can become lonely or bored which sometimes can lead to mischief. Kittens are best placed only to homes that already have a cat or to homes where there is at least one family member who does not work outside the home. We recommend that kittens are either adopted as pairs or that the existing cat in the household be young enough to appreciate the playfulness of a kitten. Dogs will be considered as a companion animal for a kitten on a case-by-case basis. 
  • While we will consider the placement of kittens to homes with dogs on a case-by-case basis, those homes will require thorough screening and may also require a home visit. We will consider your dog's breed, weight, temperament and cat experience when making a decision regarding adoption approvals to homes with dogs.    
  • Kitten quarterly reporting is followed closely and we will be happy to hear from you as planned, or we will contact you directly for an update.