Hi, fellow cat lovers! Let us know that you visited, and what you think about our new web presence! We've been a part of Texas Siamese Rescue for ten years, but we've finally decided to step out on our own. Any suggestions as to what we can do better?

Message From: Franklew June 27, 2021
bookmarked!!, I love your web site!

Message From: Chinta-Louise Torpey March 18, 2021
Thank-you for help to place these three Siamese into Foster care. Coco the Chocolate Point will go at 3pm today, and we are still hoping that Porsche and Sissy will go to Foster very soon. Thank-you for never giving up. Your hard work is deeply appreciated. Bless you all.

Message From: Georgina December 12, 2020
Hello, I live in Japan now and would like to spread your love for Siamese kittens here as well. I have been volunteering alone under the name Blue Eyed Cat Rescue but I'd like to be more active. Any tips? Thank you for all your hard work. I follow you on Instagram and appreciate your efforts.

Message From: Sandra T. September 18, 2020
We adopted Marshmallows (renamed Luna) on July 1st. She has brought a lot of joy to our family, we feel so blessed to have her!

Message From: Camille Street June 26, 2020
Hi! Joe and I are looking to foster and/ or adopt a new furry friend. We look forward to working with you!

Message From: Elaine and Tim September 25, 2017
We adopted Glory 2 (now Colette) and Virgil (now Marcel) in February 2016. They have made our lives very happy! Your new website is much better - hope it gets more people to adopt from your wonderful organization.

Message From: Lisa Rincon September 5, 2017
Hello Everyone. We are looking for our missing cat Romeo. He is microchipped and was last seen August 1, 2017, on Farm House Rd in the Blanco Vista Neighborhood in San Marcos, Texas. He could be trapped and scared. Please check your garages, sheds, shrubs, and under decks. He is a 7 year male weighing about 12 pounds. He has an off white body, dark brown legs, ears and tail. His paw pads and nose pad are brown. He has big, bright, blue eyes. Please see photo. Any sightings or if found, please call or send text to 512-415-0486. Thank you for your help.

Message From: Jackie Donnelly February 7, 2017
I just found your website. It's really good to see such hard work. I am looking for a specific breed (Bengal). It hard sometimes to see so many precious faces available. Makes me sad to see so many that weren't wanted, or mistreated, so many. I wish I could take them all home. I would hope more than anything to open one of these sites and see almost no animals available. But I know that is a fighting battle. It does warm my heart to know that there are still people in this world that care as much as I do about the well-being of all animals..not just focused on one particular species. Thank you for all that you do.

Message From: Nancy November 5, 2015
Adopted Mickey in 2010 he is doing great turn into a big beautiful boy I want to thank Janice for letting him into our home he is a joy every day.

Message From: Deanna October 18, 2015
Austin Siamese Rescue has been so diligent about sending me photos and updates about our kittens until we pick them up. I love the surprise texts and videos, makes my day that much brighter now that we have an empty home after losing our 20 year old Mr. Kitty. Can't wait to adopt !!! Thank you in advance ASR!

Message From: Melissa and Dwayne August 28, 2015
We are the proud parents of Gru ( now Teddy ) and Thrall ( now Cooper. ) we knew we were going to adopt Teddy from early on as he came to Rae as a "bottle baby" only 2 weeks old. At the very end we realized our 7 yr old cat Dixie, would not play with Teddy like he needed. At the last minute we grabbed up Cooper! We sure are glad we did because our older kitty isn't too sure of the kittens and our dogs are working hard too makes friends as well! I So whatever obstacle you think you may have to adopting one or even two, like us, there really arent many obstacles that can't be overcome to making one of these sweet kitties or cats a great kitty or cat Mom or Dad. This was a great decision for us and we are so thankful for the work ASR is doing and especially the foster Moms and Dads, like Rae and Dan, who love and care for these animals until they find their forever homes.

Message From: Angie July 9, 2014
I love the work that you're doing. God bless you all. I hope to adopt 2 or more Siamese later this year.

Message From: christine May 16, 2013
your site is wonderful! thank you for helping the babies. i am looking for a seal point wedge baby girl if you ever come across one!

Message From: Alison Lambert June 16, 2011
My husband and I went to ASR to adopt a sweet little Flame Point. We came home with the Flame Point and a Snowshoe baby as well! The care that these animals are given truly shows in how happy, clean, and healthy they are! These are loving little girls who are already socialized and just little bundles of joy and energy! There is no greater feeling I have than having my sweet Flame Point lay on me at night as I look at her tiny, beautiful face. She already brings me joy and it has only been a couple of weeks. She has my heart! Thanks to all at ASR, and especially to Renee for all that you do! Our adoption process was a great experience and I try to tell anyone and everyone about it!

Message From: Gina May 29, 2011
The choice to adopt with these wonderful guys and gals was great! I adopted a companion for my 2 year old cat and was amazed at how quickly they got along (a week) and how sweet and loving the cat was after being put in a brand new environment with different people. Pets need a "furever home" and working with the foster parents for ASR to find the right kitty for us was awesome!

Message From: Shirley January 25, 2011
ASR is a wonderful group of people dedicated to helping these beautiful, deserving kitties. You have a great website and I love reading about all the cats even though some stories are heartbreaking. All your Fosters are to be commended for their dedication and sacrifices in taking such good care of these animals. Thank you Julia, for taking such great care of our little Annie and allowing us to adopt her. She is truly precious and will be greatly loved and pampered for the rest of her life. We are also going to try and adopt Lexi and give her a loving home as well. Pam has been taking good care of her and I sincerely hope we can take over very soon. Thank you all at ASR for the hope you give to all these precious little cats.

Message From: Shirley January 25, 2011
ASR is a wonderful group of people working together to help these beautiful kitties. I love browsing your website and reading the stories on them; although some are heartbreaking. All your Fosters are to be commended for their extraordinary dedication to these beautiful and deserving animals. Thank you, Julia, for taking such good care of our beautiful little Annie and letting us adopt her. She is truly a joy to our family.

Message From: Jennifer November 17, 2010
I got my sweet Sebastian in September and he was a God-send! I think ASR is a wonderful organization and will highly recommend it to anyone looking for a kitty!

Message From: michele August 11, 2010
I was amazed to see all the beautiful kitties you have. Would love to give them all a loving home.

Message From: TJ & Amy Clevenger-Gaare August 23, 2009
We adopted our beautiful 9 week old kittens on 08/16/2009. Perseus(lil man) and Phoebe(baby girl) are doing wonderful. Our whole household including the 4 other cats and 3 dogs that we have are just in love with these two little angels. Best thing we did was adopting them together.

Message From: Christina April 10, 2009
God Bless those who help the cats/kittens in need! The website is wonderful