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  Cocoa Bean
This sweet girl is a thief in disguise. We wondered where a few socks and shirts disappeared to. Tonight she got caught dragging my daughter's shirt down the stairs and the jig was up! We knew she was stealing other small items (Amazon shipping b...read more about Cocoa Bean
  Meredith 3
Meredith is a young regal female tuxedo, with large golden eyes, long white whiskers and white mittens. She is a calm and gentle lady with quiet meows and so very sweet. Meredith is a petite girl who loves long pets and all the attention. She does we...read more about Meredith 3
  Oscar Alonso
I am an affectionate big boy who loves attention from my human mom. I enjoy sitting in her lap and cuddling with her until we both fall asleep. I answer when my humans call my name and come to be petted on my head and shoulders. I ...read more about Oscar Alonso