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Martine is a talkative, energetic and elegant lady.  She loves to play with her catnip mouse.  She gets along well with our small dog.  She likes companionship, but is not clingy.  She's very pretty and seems to know it.
  Hershey III
Hershey has a very calm and gentle demeanor. He can be a little timid at first but once he opens up to you, he is your best friend. He loves pets and is great with other cats and humans of all ages.  Hershey would love to be adopted with his br...read more about Hershey III
  Oscar Alonso
I am an affectionate big boy who loves attention from my human mom. I enjoy sitting in her lap and cuddling with her until we both fall asleep. I answer when my humans call my name and come to be petted on my head and shoulders. I ...read more about Oscar Alonso